CUPRINS Nr. 9 / 2007

Catedra de management - trecut, prezent si viitor - The Management Department - Past, Present and Future
Romania's integration in the European Union involves the entrance into a mega-competition in education too. The Bologna system introduced new classifications and hierarchies in Romanian education.
Hodor P.
Managementul administratiilor publice locale din Valea Jiului in conditiile restructurarii activitatii miniere - The management of Local Public Administrations from Jiu Valley under the Circumstances of Mining Activity Restructuration
The paper intends to focus upon the economic, social and administrative evolutions that took place in the Jiu Valley during the period 1996-2005 under the circumstances of re-structuring activites wirtin this area.
Simionescu A., Mangu S. I., Csiminga D. C.
Modalitati de abordare a problemei stabilirii valorii proprietatilor miniere - Ways of Approaching The Matter of Establishing The Value of Mining Properties
In the present days, for many economists and not only economists, a general characterization of processing most of the useful minerals is reduced to pointing out to one and only aspect, apparently defining almost all mining enterprises: lack of profitability in their activity.
Buse F., Buse Gh. F.
Rolul informatiei in ordonarea activitatii economice si necesitatea efortului financiar pentru procurarea de informatie noua si competitiva - The Role of Information in Economic Activity orDering and The Necessity of Financial Effort to Acquire New and Competitive Information
This paper contents the concrete work methodology required by financial repartition regarding the information at company level, repartition generated by consumer status that trading company or autonomous State administration periodical enter to be formed, to recover or develop.
Dolea G., Furdui E. T.
Conceptii folosite in modelarea sistemelor de exploatare si a tehnologiilor de abataj in mineritul de huila - Conceptions used to Modeling The Exploitation Systems and The Working Technologies Applied in Pit-Coal Mining
The paper presents different conceptions used in modelling the eploiting systems and the working technologies emphasizing on the advantages and dezadvantages of every conception.Improving the eficincy indexes wich cuantifies functioning of such system also held in sight.
Iloiu M., Iloiu S. R.
Materializarea riscului in proiectele miniere - The Risk Materialization in Mining Projects
This article deals with the risk concept and its importance for mining projects feasibility. Also it presents the risk materialization mechanism and the main risk factors in mining activity.
Tiuzbaian I. N.
Influenta factorului de productie "forta de munca" asupra normarii si productivitatii muncii in abatajele mecanizate - Influence of Manpower Production Factor on The FIxing and Labour Productivity in Mechanized Working
Every opening or preparing mining work carrying out, respectively every coal-face, is a production system well particularized, characterized by a production own function.
Baleanu V., Ionica A. C., Irimie S.
Sistemul de management al calitatii axat pe relatia client-furnizor: o premisa a noii abordari SCM - The System of Quality Management Based on Client-Supplier Relationship: a Premise for SCM New Approach
This work is based on the results of a study made to explore the possibility to implement a system for quality management based on client-supplier relationship.
Dobritoiu N.
Metoda noua de evaluare a volumelor de masa miniera existente in depozite si halzi - New methods Used to Determine The Resource Substances in a Deposits or in a Dump Head
The practical activity and the literature in this field reveal a various number of methods used to determine the resource substances in a deposit or in a dump heap.
Ghicajanu M.
Particularitatile procesului de control managerial la nivel strategic in cadrul societatii de distributie si furnizare de energie electrica - The Particularities of The Managerial Control Process at Strategic Level Within Power Energy Distribution and Supply System
In this paper present new and principal elements of the managerial control system in power energy system.
Nastase G. I.
Ziua Minerului - Muntii Apuseni - Miners Day - Apuseni Mountain