CUPRINS Nr. 8 / 2007

Fodor D., Iordache Gh.
Din istoria mineritului Bucovinean (II) - From Bucovinean Mining History (II)
This paper makes a view in Bucovinean mining history, its contribution at economic development of Romania by supplying mineral raw materials.
Bradeanu N.
Insemnari din invatamantul universitar romanesc si compatibilitatea lui cu cel din Uniunea Europeana - Notes from Romanian Academic Education and his Compatibility with That of European Union
This paper shows that economic and social requests determined the development of science and technique and involved the apparition of universities.
Gabrian C. F., Turdean N.
Concept Plan de Monitorizare a Mediului - Mina Calimani - (II) - Environment Monitoring Plan Concept - Calimani Mine - (II)
Calimani Negoiu open pit is located in Suceava County, from where was exploited sulphur till 1997, both in open pit and mine. The general objective of this document is Environment Monitoring Plan drawing up that includes also a safety analysis plan for the environment impact evaluation of closure works at Calimani mines.
Cozma E., Hirian C., Semen C., Onica I., Arad V.
Studiul fenomenelor care au generat avarierea spontana a putului principal de extractie al minei Baia Noua din data de 07.08.2006 (II) - Study of Phenomena that Generated The Spontaneous Damage of Extraction Main Well of Baia Noua Mine from August 7, 2006 (II)
This work refers to a problem of mining engineering, those of wells stability. Concretely, to analyze and ascertain the causes of the spontaneous damage of extraction main well at Baia Noua Mine from August 7, 2006.
Marinescu M.
Geomanagementul - o noua geostiinta? - Geomanagement - a New Geoscience?
Main factor of economic increase, with the same importance as high technique, the management have as target the general orientation to progress and prosperity of the society where is applied.
Nistor C., Marinescu M.
Analiza modificarilor antropice ale reliefului prin utilizarea imaginilor IKONOS - Zona Rovinari - Anthropic Modification Analysis of The Using IKONOS Images - Rovinari Zone
Anthropic modification analysis of the using IKONOS images. The paperwork's goal is to indentify the optimal way in which the antropic relief can be studied usig high resolution images, combined with up-to-date MNT.
Lorencova H., Cermak P.
Rezultatele aplicarii bentonitei - sorbent natural in scopuri de regenerare - Finding from The Application of a Natural Sorbent - Bentonite for Reclamation Purposes
Among the important overlying rocks deposited on spoil banks in the North Bohemian Brown Coal Basin there are different mixed substrates composed of heterogeneous lighter-textured soils, sands including rocks of the coal seam, with adverse chemical and hydrophysical soil properties.
Cristea G.
Efectele duritatii apei asupra rezultatelor flotatiei carbunilor - The Influence of Water Hardness on The Coal Flotation Performances
The wettability and hence the floatability of coal are influenced by the presence of dissolved inorganics in the system. The influence of water hardness on the flotation performance of coal particles was determined.