CUPRINS Nr. 7 / 2007

Slevoaca M.
Viitorul carbunelui in contextul principiilor dezvoltarii durabile a omenirii - The Future of Coal in The Context of Principles of Humanity Lasting Development
In the beginning of this year, the MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE of TECHNOLOGY from USA developed a study that examines the role of coal in a world that involves the constraints on the carbon dioxide releases aiming to reduce the climatic changes effect.
Cristea N.
Ca raspuns la politicile Comunitatii Europene o noua specializare in cadrul Universitatii din Petrosani - Ingineria valorificarii deseurilor - As Response at European Community Politics: Waste Valorization Engineering, a New Specialization at University of Petrosani
In the actual context of Romania’s presence in UE, an important domain is the training of specialists that will lead all the activities for the environment improvement, the monitoring of its protection, the ecologization of areas affected by antropic activities.
Sarbu R.
Imbunatatirea randamentelor de clasare prin utilizarea hidrocicloanelor cu curent aditional de apa - Improvement of Grading Productivities using The Hydrociclons with Water Additional Flow
Today, the hydrociclons design start from some technological parameters and empirical calculus relations. The present paper offer few mathematical models by hydrodinamic symilitude, based on experimental research (at laboratory scale) of quartziferous sands from Faget - Timis
Badulescu C.
Posibilitati de valorificare integrala a reziduului rezultat in urma arderii carbunilor din Valea Jiului - Possibilities of Complete Valorization of The Ashes Resulted from Coal Burning in Jiu Valley
For the practical application of the ashes resulting from the burning of Jiu Valley bituminous coal, a large number of studies had to be undertaken, in order to develop a technology for their full use. Among the conclusions drawn from these studies, the posibility of recovering certain noble metals from magnetic concentrates is to mentioned and of utilizing the dirt from dressing as building material.
Ionescu C., Moldovan C.
Comparatie intre carbunii de Valea Jiului si lignitii de Gorj din punct de vedere al caracteristicilor de aprindere si a cenusii rezultate la arderea lor - A Comparison Between Coal of Jiu Valley and lignite of Gorj from Ignition Criteria and Resulted Ashes Point of View
This article brings in front the characteristics of coal and coal ashes resulted from the burning process.
Cristea N.
Aspecte ale macinabilitatii autogene a minereurilor - Aspects of Ore Autogenous Grinding
The paper presents, using an experimental approach a maner of assessment of ore grindability in ball mills and autogenous mills.
Hanes N.
Ecobrichetarea - Eco-briquette
The work paper is showing the directions of the preliminary research for settling the work parameters and the accurate sizing of the technological equipments, which will ensure the obtaining of ecological fuels, competitive on the market.
Cristea G.
Reactivi pentru flotatia carbunilor - Chemical Reagents Used in Coal Flotation
A brief review of advances in reagents utilization and their possible action mechanisms in the flotational sistem are presented.
Moldovan C., Ionescu C.
Solventi folositi in degradarea carbunelui cu scopul obtinerii unui extract carbunos - Solvents used in Coal Degradation to Obtain a Coal Extract
The purpose of this paper is to reveal the main solvents used to obtain a coal extract in different working conditions.