CUPRINS Nr. 6 / 2007

Fodor D., Iordache Gh.
Din istoria mineritului Bucovinean (I) - From Bucovinean Mining History (I)
This paper makes a view in Bucovinean mining history, its contribution at economic development of Romania by supplying mineral raw materials.
Gabrian C. F., Turdean N.
Concept Plan de Monitorizare a Mediului - Mina Calimani - (I) - Environment Monitoring Plan Concept - Calimani Mine - (I)
Calimani Negoiu open pit is located in Suceava County, from where was exploited sulphur till 1997, both in open pit and mine. The general objective of this document is Environment Monitoring Plan drawing up that includes also a safety analysis plan for the environment impact evaluation of closure works at Calimani mines.
Cozma E., Hirian C., Semen C., Onica I., Arad V.
Studiul fenomenelor care au generat avarierea spontana a putului principal de extractie al minei Baia Noua din data de 07.08.2006 (I) - Study of Phenomena that Generated The Spontaneous Damage of Extraction Main Well of Baia Noua Mine from August 7, 2006 (I)
This work refers to a problem of mining engineering, those of wells stability. Concretely, to analyze and ascertain the causes of the spontaneous damage of extraction main well at Baia Noua Mine from August 7, 2006.
Lorencova H., Cermak P.
Utilizarea marlitelor pentru repararea rambleurilor deteriorate la Mina Bilina in bazinul de carbune brun din Bohemia de Nord - Use of Marlites for Reclamations on Spoil Banks of Bilina Mine in The North Bohemian Brown Coal Basin
The Bílina area in the Czech Republic is an arid, warm region with the sum of temperatures above 100 C amounting to 2 600-2 800 and average annual temperature 8.20 C. Annual precipitation amount is 502 mm, and 322 mm in the growing season (April-September). The highest monthly precipitation amounts are a result of torrential rains in July and August. The relief of the territory is characterised as a flat to broken upland of the height 200 - 350 m above sea level; thermophilic oak woods are a dominant component of natural vegetation.
Bacalu I., Matyas M., Guran I., Bercea N., Pasarin C.
Excavarea selectiva a stratelor de lignit din perimetrul minier Rosia - Pesteana - Selective Excavation of Lignite Layers from Rosia Pesteana Mining Perimeter
One of the prime pointers wich govern the selective digging efficiency is the admissible degree for layer selection, or the minimal thickness of the sterile insertion which excavation is rational based on technic and economical factors. By selective digging, at the same time with the thickening of the coal layers separately extracted and the sterile intercalations, the quality of the coal that is delivered to the beneficiary increases, and on the other hand the extraction costs also increases because of the excavator’s productivity movement and the increase of excavated sterile.
Cioclea D., Toth I., Jurca L., Jujan C.
Sistem integrat de masuri pentru mentinerea conditiilor de securitate la abatajele cu subminare - Integral System Measures that Preserve The Safety Conditions at Undermining Working
Coal underminning can be used on thick coal beds and displays several specific characteristics; conesquently, complex measures are being necessary that should be implemented simultaneously with the view to preserving health and safety at work.
Dobrin M.
Valorificarea informatiilor furnizate de controlul bugetar, tabloul de bord, reporting-ul si balanced scorecard in activitatea de conducere a entitatilor din industria miniera, in conditiile integrarii Romaniei in Uniunea Europeana - Valuation of Information Provided by Budgetary Control, Dashboard, Reporting and Balanced Scorecard in The Management of Mining Industry Entities, under The Circumstances of Romania’s Integration in UE
Management accounting and control are an important part of instruments that assure the management of performance in mining industry entities.
Munteanu R.
Amplasarea unui parc industrial in Valea Jiului pe baza indicatorului de accesibilitate - Location of an Industrial Park in Valea Jiului based on The Accessibility Index
The mining industry is in a very difficult situation in Romania. Job losses affected large areas with mines on the wane, since the restructuring process of the mining industry has started. Therefore, new, modern and ecological economical alternatives have to be developped nowadays.
Damian F., Damian Gh.
Domenii de utilizare a zeolitilor naturali din Romania (II) - Criteria and Domains for Using Zeolitic Tuffs in Romania (II)
In Romania there are important zeolites resources that can be used in various industrial and environmental protection areas. In the environmental protection domain they can be used to stabilize and remedied the heavy metal polluted soils from the zones with mining and metallurgical activity.