CUPRINS Nr. 4 / 2007

Burlan D., Popescu V. S., Ivancu I.
Metode de evaluare si prevenire a riscurilor de accidentare si imbolnavire profesionala - Methods to Evaluate and Prevent The Risks of Accidents and Professional Diseases
Methods of evaluation and prevention of accidents and professional diseases risks may be distinguished by the moment when they are established and in proportion to the events that define the presence or absence of labor security.
Surulescu D., Dumitru M., Sink A., Huruiala V.
Solutii de modernizare a aparatajului de comutatie primar si a echipamentelor secundare in statia de transformare si distributie nr.4 din incinta E.M. Petrila - Solutions for The Modernization of Primary Switching Apparatus and of Secondary Equipments in Transformer and Distribution Station no. 4 from E.M. Petrila Precinct
This article presents the solutions for the modernization of primary switching apparatus and of secondary equipments in transformer and distribution station no. 4 from E.M. Petrila precinct.
Semen C.
Consideratii asupra riscului de aprindere a amestecului metan-aer la efectuarea lucrarilor de impuscare - Considerations on Firing Risk of Methane-Air Mixture at Blasting Works
Evaluation of firing risk of mixture at blasting works allow the identification of possible causes (technical, technological and human) to set some solutions and measures to prevent the spontaneous combustion of methane-air mixture.
Fodor D., Cotocea N.
Urmarirea, controlul si analiza rezultatelor impuscarii rocilor cu ajutorul explozivilor in carierele de roci tari - Monitoring, Control and Analysis of Results at Rocks Blow-up with Explosives in Hard Rocks Pits
The results of rocks extraction with explosives are irreversible and it is important to control every operation to make this process correctly, as is possible. Also, the blow-up results must be monitored and analyzed in the view to find the solutions to optimize the drilling-blow-up parameters.
Orban M. D., Popescu C., Blanaru L., Cureleanu S.
Carbunele ca sursa primara in productia de energie electrica pe plan mondial si national - Coal as Primary Source in Electrical Energy Production Both in The Global and National Level
The paper analyses the trend which is showed in the powerstation on coal electrical energy production policy even in the world as in our country.
Cioclea D., Toth I., Jurca L.
Asigurarea calitatii aerului la aplicarea metodei de exploatare cu subminare in conditiile subtraversarii unei zone exploatate cu S.C.R.I. - Providing Air Quality at The Implementation of Exploitation Method with Undermining under The Circumstances of Undercrossing an Area Mined with S.C.R.I.
This paper shows the technical issues related to the idea of providing a good air quality at the working places in underground, more exactly at those working faces with undermining which undercross an area mined by the caving of coal and of the surrounding rocks (SCRI.).
Ionescu C., Moldovan C.
Mangalul- materie prima pentru obtinerea carbunelui activ - Charcoal - Material Raw to Obtain Active Coal
In Romania, a special accent is placed on wood pyrolysis, to obtain charcoal from which active coal results by chemical processing. The purpose of this paper is to describe a chemical method to obtain active coal from beech wood.
Felea C. M.
Pe termen mediu si lung avem nevoie de o companie miniera de investitii - For Medium and Long Term we need a Mining Investment Company
For such a long transition period, Romania's mining industry is calling much to many un-solved problems. Romanian mining companies are not preparing to face with competition, so they need State asistance. If not, they simply should be disapearing.
Ciolea D.
Cercetari experimentale privind reducerea noxelor rezultate la arderea huilei de Valea Jiului pe o instalatie pilot de ardere in strat fluidizat - Experimental Researches to Decrease The Gaseous Pollutants from the Valea Jiului Pit-Coal Burning on a Pilot Burning Installation with liquefied Layer
This paper presents the synthesis of the measures taken on a pilot burning installation with liquefied layer, used in the experimental activity conducted for the PhD thesis finalization and it contains: a burning installation with liquefied layer (figure 1) which functions on coal Jiului Valley pit coal.
Ghita D. Gh.
Zone de risc geologic pentru asezarile umane - Areas with Geological Risk for Human Places
Human places locating is a complex problem in which the environment natural factors are determinant.