CUPRINS Nr. 11 / 2007

Slevoaca M.
Tehnologiile de separare pentru cenusile rezultate din arderea huilei, in cazanele energetice - Technologies for The Separation of Ashes Resulted from Pit-Coal Burning in Power Boilers
This paper presents the technology for the separation of ashes resulted from pit-coal burning in power boilers.
Simionescu A., Mangu S., Csiminga D.
Utilizarea fluxurilor monetare in evaluarea proiectelor miniere - Using Cash-Flow for The Mining Projects Evaluation
In present, the cash-flow represent one of the main parameters that are used in the analysis of the economical efficiency of the projects.
Dolea Gh. G., Furdui E. T.
Eficienta maxima prin analiza valorii - Maximum Efficiency Through Value Analysis
The value analyses is part of designing process, and when the analyses is growing in the normal designing process of a product, in the technological process or organizational one, the efficiency of this activity means the efficiency of all activities from the industrial unit.
Dobritoiu N.
Un nou model numeric de zacamant - Aplicatie practica - A New Deposit Numerical Model. Practical Application
The use of the automatically dates processing obtained in the cognition of a deposit of mineral and useful substances has lead to the conceivement and development of the deposit describing models that rely on the numerical analysis and on the operational researches.
Tiuzbaian I. N.
Aspecte ale analizei procesului de productie din industria miniera - Aspects of Analysis of Production Process in Mining Industry
In the view to resolve the management and engineering problems, from the simple ones, as studying the movements of a performer in work process, to most complexes, as the management of different economic activities at large economic entities level, analysis of production process are made.
Iloiu M.
Riscurile proiectelor miniere internationale - Risks of International Mining Projects
This paper presents the main risk categories in international mining projects and a list of the main risks.
Csiminga D. C., Iloiu M.
Sistem de management integrat - conditie necesara implementarii conceptului de dezvoltare durabila in strategia C.N.H. S.A. Petrosani - An Integral Management System - a Needful Condition to Implement The Concept of Lasting Development in CNH S.A. Petrosani Strategy
This paper tries to emphasize the modern management role in order to put the problem of the efficient activity of National Hardcoal Company Petrosani from quality and environment point of view and which has to assure an equilibrium between the following parameters:quality quantity -environment -safety -financial.
Ghicajanu M.
Principalele schimbari in structura Sistemului Energetic National ca urmare a implementarii Programului de Reforma Energetica - The Main changes in The Structure of National Power System as Result of Power Reform Program Implementation
The National Strategy for Privatisation and the main objective of the reform politics in the electricity and heat sector foresees the completion of the sector restructuring.
Felea C. M.
Teoria implementarii unui sistem de management de mediu in industria miniera - Theory for The Implementation of an Environmental Management System in Mining Industry
As the ISO 14001 standard foresees the organization's environmental policy is the engine of environmental management system (EMS) implementation, so that the organization should be able to maintain and improve environmental performance.
Furdui E. T., Dolea G., Ilina L.
Perspectivele sistemelor de productie vazute prin modelul real de raportare - Perspectives of The Manufacturing Systems Viewed Through The Model Reality Report
Considering enterprises as an industrial cybernetic system, in which entrances are transformed into exits for the satisfaction of some social needs was allowed by the development of cybernetics and the theory of systems.