CUPRINS Nr. 10 / 2007

Mediul si dezvoltarea durabila - The Sustainable Development and The Environment
The sustainable economy and the environment are in a very strong interdependence. The target of this stage is to conserve the mineral resources and the energy and the only way is to minimize the waste and the emissions which are released on the environment.
Dogar E., Gherman E., Petruta V.
Separarea automata a mineralelor sub forma granulara utilizand gradul diferit de reflectare a luminii de catre diferite minerale - Automatic Separation of Minerals in Granular Form Using The Different Light Reflection Degree of Various Minerals
In many mines where mineral grains are being exploited there comes the problem of their separation, since these are coming along as a mixture of minerals and the beneficiaries usually need high concentrations of a certain mineral.
Gherman E., Dogar E., Viorel I. A.
Optimizarea complexa a actionarilor electrice industriale prin utilizarea sistemelor motoconvertor tip treapta - The Complex Optimization of The Industrial Electrical Drives by Means of Stage Motoconverter Systems
We describe an efficient procedure of mechanic-energetic optimization of the electrical drive systems by employing the frequency converters with the resistance assignment of the stage gear by means of selector with discreet control.
Miklos Gy., Surdeanu V.
Stabilitatea perimetrului Carierei Colina si a zonelor limitrofe - Stability of Colina Quarry's Perimeter and its Limitrofe Area
COLINA open pit for clay is located near Cluj-Napoca. After the mining was stoped some of instability phenomenons appeared on the slopes. Geotechnical investigations were necesary to improved the project for closing this quarry.
Milea M., Giurgiu N. E., Prida T., Arad V., Arad S.
Fenomene de instabilitate manifestate in minele de sare din Romania ca urmare a stresului zacamantului, consecinte asupra exploatarii si asupra mediului - SALSTRESS - The Instability Phenomenons Manifested in The Roumanian Salt Mines Caused by Initial Lithostatic Stress, Consequences on The Mining and Environment - SALSTRESS
The instability phenomenons from salt mines are generated by the initial lithostatic stress. Stress analysis is important for the determination of critical moment vhen the first microcraks appear in the resistance underground structures.
Petruta V., Gherman E., Teodorescu I., Teodorescu E.
Utilizarea panzelor de filtrare in procesarea mineralelor nemetalifere - Filtering Clothes Used in Industrial Minerals Processing
In wet and dry processing of the industrial minerals (for dewatering or for dedusting) chosing of the most efficient filtering clothes is very important not only in respect of technology but also for the environment.
Pop M., Giurgiu N., Milea M., Ionescu A. D., Nita S., Boca E., Begea M., Vamaru A.
Cercetari biotehnologice privind monitorizarea proprietatilor unor izvoare de ape potential minerale nevalorificate, in vederea valorificarii lor economice - Biotechnological Studies Required for a Scientific Management of The Natural Mineral Water Sources, From The Proximity of Old Salt Mines
This paper presents some of the results obtained on some natural water sources with a mineral potential, in order to realise a procedures guide required for their scientific management.
Prida T., Suciu G., Giurgiu N. E.
Evaluarea ciclului de viata pentru proiecte miniere - Life Cycle Assessment for Mining Projects
In order to determine the interaction between a product or a process and the environment it is necessary to understand the environmental aspects of them throughout the product or the process life cycle.
Selescu L., Popa Fl., Pop Mihali E., Kulcsar A.
Laboratoarele de incercari de la SC MINESA - ICPM SA Cluj Napoca - MINESA-ICPM Laboratories - Cluj Napoca MINESA-ICPM Laboratories are in the accreditation procedure cf. SR EN ISO 17025/2005.
All the technological processes, all the materials, waste and emissions need to be controlled, measured and verified by laboratory testing.
Suciu G., Prida T., Todor Fl.
Principii generale privind gestionarea integrata a deseurilor urbane solide (GIDUS) - General Principles About Integrated Management System for Municipal Solid Waste (IMSMSW)
The 3R concept REDUCING, RECOVERY and RECYCLING it's an essential concept in production processes, consumption and wastes generation.
Teodorescu E., Prida T., Teodorescu I., Petruta V.
Tehnologia moderna de flotatie a impuritatilor din nisipul cuartos destinat industriei sticlei - Modern Flotation of Contaminants Technology from Quartz Sand, For Glass Sand Industry
The paper presents the industrially results obtained in the production process of glass sand, using beside volumetric, gravitational and centrifugal sizing, a modern flotation of contaminant technology.
Tot S., Cristea V., Prida T.
Reconstructia ecologica a haldelor de steril de la exploatarile miniere - The Restoration of Waste Rock Heaps
The paper presents the industrially results obtained in the production process of glass sand, using beside volumetric, gravitational and centrifugal sizing, a modern flotation of contaminant technology.
Gherman E., Viorel I. A., Bernier-Gherman E.
Transfigurarea schemelor de automatizari discrete din industrie - The Transfiguration of The Discreet Industrial Automation Scheemes
The paper describes a new alphanumerical method of transfiguration of the discreet logical scheemes into algebrical systems; it has a practical character and it is based on the LOGEB alphanumeric variable, of intrinsec type, with multiple informational function: bipositional functional state, the address from the logical scheeme and the genealogy of the contacts.
Milea M., Giurgiu E. N., Prida T., Miklos Gy., Zamfirescu Fl., Mocuta M.
Stabilitatea zonelor cu goluri rezultate in urma exploatarii prin dizolvare cu ajutorul sondelor, a sarii geme - The Stability of Areas with Caverns from The Salt Extraction by Wels
The areas with caverns from the salt extraction by wells are on important risk yield. To reduce the risc is very important for environment, human health and properties protection, also for salt extraction.
Teodorescu E., Popa T., Teodorescu I., Petruta V.
Hidrodinamica aplicata la proiectarea conductelor de alimentare a celulelor pneumatice - Hydrodynamics Applied in The Design of Pneumatic Cell Feed Pipes
The paper presents the results obtained in sizing the pipes feeding the pneumatic cells with aerated pulp, using the hydrodynamic theory of "flushed jet".
Gherman E., Fratila D., Teodorescu I., Selescu L., Petruta V.
Linie tehnologica integrata cu fluxuri selectabile pentru producerea de preparate agroalimentare si parafarmaceutice - Technological line Incorporated with Selectable Fluxes for The Production of Agroalimentary and Pharmaceutic Products
We present a new modular technological line with integrated fluxes on which there can be produced, under industrial regime, agroalimentary products (products which come from agriculture) of culinary correctors type and pharmaceutic products with therapeutic and relaxing effect, based on salt, dehydrated vegetables and natural extracts from the unstudled flora.