Annals of the University of Petrosani
- Mechanical Engineering -

2019 - Volume 21
  1. Andraș, A., Kertész (Brînaș), I., Popescu, F.D., Comparative study of the throw distance of pedestrians in frontal collisions with vehicles using computer simulation
  2. Dacosta, O.F., Olorunfemi, B.J.,Adejuyigbe, S.B., Development of an expert system for the control of solidification shrinkage in aluminum alloys A1200 and A8011
  3. Dumitrescu, I., Itu, R.-B., The study of the improvement of the functioning of high capacity belt conveyers TMC 1800 from Jilț Sud quarry
  4. Dura, C., The Volkswagen emissions scandal – facts, figures and effects
  5. Florea, V.-A., Urdea, G.-B., Dumitrescu, I., The study of the helical drill by 3D modelling
  6. Ilie, F.M., Alexandru, T.,-G., A study regarding the limiting aspects of product design software applied to the virtual prototyping of car body lifting end effectors
  7. Kotwica, K., Possibilities of hard rocks mining in the aspect of energy consumption and durability of mining tool
  8. Popescu, F.D., Andraș, A., Kertesz (Brînaș), I., Determination of the capacity of a continuous transport system using spline type interpolation
  9. Stanimirescu, A., Egri, A., The quality of the environment in the city of Petroșani in the opinion of citizens
  10. Stanimirescu, A., Radu, S.M., Measurement of air quality in the Jiu Valley with the help of RNMCA stations
  11. Tomuș, O.-B., Study on the reliability of the BWE teeth used in Oltenia basin
  12. Urdea, G.-B., Florea, V.-A., Dumitrescu, I., The study of the milling heads Romascon by 3D modeling
  13. Virág, Z., Szirbik, S., Finite element modal analysis of a hybrid stiffened plate
  14. Vitan, D., Nan, M.S., Grecea, D., Vladu, B., Vitan, D.C., Mining waste deposits at the former preparation unit in Lupeni – Jiu Valley in the context of circular economy
  15. Vladu, B., Nan, M.S., Dunca, E., Grigorie, I.E., Determination of indicators of sustainable development of the Plopșoru common rural area affected by the restructure of the mining industry