Annals of the University of Petrosani
- Mechanical Engineering -

2016 - Volume 18
  1. Andras, I., Andras, A., Petrilean, D. C., Application of the Theory of Sonics in the Design of Percussive Equipment for Rock Cutting
  2. Andras, I., Radu, S. M., Andras, A., Study Regarding the Bucket-Wheel Excavators Used in Hard Rock Excavations
  3. Burya, A., Naberezhnay, O., Sapeshko, S., Dašić, P., Development and Research of Hybrid Polymer Composite Materials Based on Phenylone
  4. Cazac, A. M., Darabont, D. C., Baciu, C., Bernevig-Sava, M. A., Bejinariu, C., Determination of Friction Coefficient Between Aluminum Semi-Finished and Plastic Deformation Tools
  5. Cozma, B. Z., Dumitrescu, I., Equipment Designing for the Carol Shaft Rehabilitation from Slănic Prahova Salina
  6. Dimirache, G., Rus, I. C., Dinescu S., The Synthesis for Six Bars Mechanism of Guiding Roof Supports for the Coal Mining,
  7. Dosa, I., Petrilean, D. C., Comparative Analysis of Steam Generators Fueled by Lignite and Hard Coal from Emissions Point of View,
  8. Grecea, D., Nan, M. S., Plotogea, C., Tutuianu, G., Research on Using Images to Monitoring Conveyor Belt,
  9. Itu, R. B., Itu, V., Analysis of Flat Cable Connecting Devices for Winding Installation Vessels
  10. Jula D., Tomuș O. B., Study About the Reliability of the Esrc 1400 Bucket Wheel Excavators Used in Open-Pit Coal Mines in Oltenia
  11. Ladányi, G., Study on the Noise Emission of Belt Conveyor Idler Rolls
  12. Ladányi, G., Virág, Z., Examining the Bucket Wheel Excavator’s Bucket After Renewal
  13. Makharadze, L., Lanchava, O., Radu, S. M., Moraru, I. R., The Main Aspects of the Durability Increase of Hydro-Transportation Pipeline Systems Providing Exploitation Reliability and Efficiency
  14. Mihăilescu, S., Praporgescu, G., Analysis of the Current and Future Traffic on County Road DJ 665D
  15. Nan, T. M., Radu, S. M., Stănilă, S., Minimising the Actuating Power of MultiRope Hoisting Machinery,
  16. Petrilean, D. C., Dosa, I., Andras, A., Pollutant Variation Estimation According to the Wind Speed and the Mass Flow of the Pollutant for Paroseni Thermal Power Station
  17. Praporgescu, G., Mihăilescu, S., Technical Solutions to Hydraulic Supply System for Drilling Equipment
  18. Rada, A., Florea, C., Research Regarding the Reliability of Subassemblies and Mechanical Energy Losses of the Centrifugal Pumps
  19. Radu, S. M., Iliaș, N., Tudoroiu, E.-R., Kecs, W., Dobrițoiu, M., Tudoroiu, N., Investigations on Real-Time Implementation of a Particle Filter to Estimate the State-of-Charge of Ni-Mh Batteries in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  20. Tataru, A. C., Tataru, D., Stanci, A., Nan, M. S., Study of Vibration Regime to Control Noise Produced by Belt Conveyors
  21. Tomuș,O. B., Study Regarding the Specific Energy Consumption Used During Lignite and Overburden Rock Excavation in Jilt Open-Pit Mine
  22. Tomuș, O. B., Jula, D., Study about the Reliability of Belt Conveyors Used in the Underground Coal Mines in Jiul Valley
  23. Urdea, G.-B., Jula, D., Modelling and Checking the Cable Tension Balance Devices
  24. Virág, Z., Jármai, K., Effects of Material Quality and Span Length on the Optimum Design of Non-Standard Sized Above-Ground Pipelines