Annals of the University of Petrosani
- Mechanical Engineering -

2014 - Volume 16
  1. Armăşoiu, P., Florea, V. A., Research on the Possibilities of Improving the Vulcanization Rubber Conveyor Belts
  2. Doşa, I., Pressure Drop in the Suction Line of TK R16/8 Turbo Compressor
  3. Dumitrescu, I., Mih ă ilescu, S., The Hydraulic of the 350 kN Press for Aluminum Cans Baling
  4. Ilioni, C., Nan, M.-S., Costa, C., Study on Reducing Accidents Caused by the Human Error in the Mining Field
  5. Kotwica, K., The New Solution of Lubricated Holder for Tangential Rotary Picks Reduci ng Their Wear during the Mining of Hard Rocks
  6. Magyari, A., Petrescu, A., Determination of the Average Prescribed Values of the Parameters for Maintaining a Constant Autoclaving Temperature of the AAC
  7. Mihăilescu, S., Praporgescu, G., Laboratory Method Used for Determining of the Characteristics of the Cutting Soft Rock
  8. Petrescu, A., Magyari, A., The Automatic Tracking of Depositing the Tiles from the Production Line
  9. Praporgescu, G., Mih ă ilescu, S., Research on Adjusting Working Regime for Mechanized Drilling Blast Holes
  10. Rostami, E., Ommi, F., Mirmohammadi, A., Khodayari, H., Investigation of the Effect of Liquid and Air Swirl Velocity and Liquid Viscosity on the Hollow Cone Spray Atomization
  11. Simaschevici, A., Theoretical and Practical Considerations in Diagnosing Deficiencies of Flexible Joint of the Gliding Steel Timbering and Suggests for the Improvement of Performances