Annals of the University of Petrosani
- Mechanical Engineering -

2013 - Volume 15
  1. Armăşoiu, P., Florea, V.A., Considerations Regarding to Durability of Belts Conveyor Installations
  2. Bogdănescu, I., Industrial Risk Analysis of Storage, Bottling and Distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  3. Dobrei, G.L., Vasiu, T., Conţ, I., Crişan, C., The Influence of Pit Coal Burning and Quality in Domestic Stove
  4. Doşa, I., Petrilean, D.C., Energy Characteristics of Pp-33/140-P55 Steam Boiler
  5. Doşa, I., Petrilean, D.C., Economic Impact of Measures to Improve Energy Efficiency for a Thermal Power Station
  6. Dumitrescu, I., Mihăilescu, S., Itu, V., 3D Modelling of Cylindrical Cutting Tool Geometry with Helical Teeth
  7. Dumitriu, M., Considerations on the Excitation Mechanism of the Vertical Vibration Symmetrical and Antisymmetrical Modes in Railway Vehicles
  8. Itu, R.B., Dumitrescu, I., Ridzi, M.C., Cozma, B.Z., Verify of the Winding Engine Brake Mechanism in Auxiliary South Shaft in Lupeni Mining Plant
  9. Jula, D., Tomuş, O.B., Ionescu (Marica), L., Sălăşan, D., Pulbere, A.-M., Assessment Of Linear Hydraulic Engine Reliability Of Handling The Machines Bucket For Loading, Transportation And Storage Used In Mining
  10. Kamburov, S.M., Molnár, J., Sublevel Caving Shields and Their Utilization in Mining Out Disturbed Thick Coal Seams
  11. Mihăilescu, S., Praporgescu, G., Disruptions Analysis for Equipments Used in Lignite Open Pits
  12. Nan, M.S., Kovacs, I., Rus, D., Dandea, L.D., Assessing the Mechanical Cutting Behaviour of Barren Rocks with High Dislocation Resistance from Husnicioara Mine Perimeter
  13. Nan, M.S., Secară, M.C., Dandea, L.D., Popescu, D., The Study of the Construction and Operation of the Braking Systems Used for Mineral Substances Hauling Vehicles
  14. Niţescu, F.M., Tomuş, O.B., Pulbere, A.M., Study on the Estimation of the Demand of Spare Parts by Using the Renewal Process
  15. Petrilean, D.C., Doşa, I., Comparative Energetic Aspects Regarding Steam Driven Turbine
  16. Pop, I.A., Itu, R.B., Loads Transmitted to the Metallic Tower of the Extracting Installation Puţ Nou Cu Schip Belonging to Petrila Mining Shaft in the Case of the Application of the Safety Brake
  17. Praporgescu, G., Mihăilescu, S., Research on the Pressure Adjustment of Water Injection for Pneumatic Hammer Drills
  18. Secară, M.C., Nan, M.S., Dandea, L.D., Popescu, D., Present State and Perspectives of Environmental Pollution Caused by Vehicles
  19. Secară, M.C., Nan, M.S., Dandea, L.D., Popescu, D., Experimental Researches Regarding The Phenomenon Of Environmental Pollution By Vehicles
  20. Tomuş, O.B., Jula, D., Sălăşan, D., Ionescu (Marica), L., Pulbere, A.M., Assessment on Spare Parts Requirement Based on Reliability’s Characteristics
  21. Vătavu, S., Vătavu, N., Light Pneumo-Hydraulic Power Pack for the Supply of Mining Hydraulic Cylinders
  22. Virág, Z., Optimum Design of a Multiple-Pipe Above-Ground Pipeline