Annals of the University of Petrosani
- Mechanical Engineering -

2012 - Volume 14
  1. Brînzan, D.D., Florea, V.A., Possibilities for Increasing the Reliability of the Subassemblies of the Ksw-460ne Type Shearer
  2. Casavela, S.V., C++ Program for Driving of an Agricol Robot
  3. Creţan, R., Iliaş, N., Radu, S.M., Considerations about Long Wall – Mechanized Complexes in the Mines in the Jiu Valley
  4. Dandea, L.D., Nan, M.S., Research Regarding The Use Of Image Analysis Software For Improving The Control Of Bucket Wheel Excavators
  5. Dumitriu, M., On the Bogie Hunting in a Track with Random Irregulatirie
  6. Grygorov, О.V., Gubskiy, S.O., Strizhak, V.V., Okun, A.O., Remaining Life Definition of Crane Metal Construction on Value of Coercive Forces
  7. Itu, V., Dumitrescu, I., Ridzi, M.C., Cozma, B.Z., Calculation of Falling Acceleration and Speed in Case of Damage of Transportation Vessel of the Mud Evacuation Installation at Auxiliary Shaft No. 12 in Lupeni
    Mining Plant
  8. Jula, D., Praporgescu, G., Reliability and Maintainability Calculus of Vibrating Drainage Screens in Coal Processing Plant
  9. Košinár, M., Císar, M., Kuric, I., Ungureanu, N., Comparison of Geometric Accuracy of Machine Tools for Various Technological Conditions and Different Worktable Positions
  10. Kovacs, I., Nan, M.S., Andraş, I., Tomuş, O.B., Andraş, A., Comparative Study of Mechanical Rock Cutting
  11. Loga, W., Dinescu, S., Metering Pumps for Consistent Grease Defects Study Used at Bucket Well Excavator Esrc 1400
  12. Lupulescu, M., Jula, D., Ultrafiltration System for Treatment of the Wastewater from Uranium Processing Plant in Feldioara
  13. Novak-Marcincin, J., Design of Manufacturing Systems by Rapid Prototyping Technology Application
  14. Mazilu, T., Wire Response Due to a Moving Force
  15. Mihăilescu, S., Praporgescu, G., Study the Possibility of Reducing the Amount of Dust in the Corbu Coal Storage Using Wetting Plants
  16. Nicolae, L., Florea, C., Furdui, E.T., Centralized System of Tracking Behaviour in Spare Parts, Solution to Improve the Technical and Economic Coal Mining Indicators at C.N.H – Petroşani
  17. Petrini, M., Neural Network for Identification of Induction Machine Parameters
  18. Pleşea, V., Vlaicu-Popa, M.E., Nimară, C., Productive Intelligent System of Goods Conveyance for Logistics Sites
  19. Popa, M., Raicu, Ş., Roşca, E., Financial and Technical Issues of Ramnicu Valcea - Valcele Rail Connection
  20. Praporgescu, G., Mihăilescu, S., Study the Possibility of Lubrication for Rolling Bearings
  21. Ridzi, M.C., Dumitrescu, I., Itu, V., Tomescu, C., Analysis of the No. 6 Metal Tank in Park No. 1 Independenţa of S.C. O.M.V. Petrom S.A. by Finite Element Method
  22. Stanciu, M.D., Curtu, I., Terciu, O.M., Studies on Structural Optimization of Lignocelluloses Composite
  23. Tănăsoiu, A., Copaci, I., Study on the Shock Caused by Collision of Railway Vehicles
  24. Ungureanu, M., Ungureanu, N., Anti, A., Study of Materials for Brake Drums
  25. Vătavu, S., Vătavu, N., The Study of Hydrodynamic Systems Used in Rail Transport