Annals of the University of Petrosani
- Mechanical Engineering -

2011 - Volume 13
  1. Crisan, N., Gheorghiu, H., Trunfio Sfarghiu, A-M., Stoica, G., Hadar, A, Some Aspects Regarding The Wear Behavior Of New Biomaterials
  2. Curtu, I., Stanciu, M. D., Stanciu, A., Research Regarding The Static Behavior Of Layers From Structure Of Roving And Mat Composite
  3. Doșa, I., Comparative Analysis of Heat Balances for K-210-130-1 and 13 CK 240 turbines
  4. Dumitriu, M., Influence Of The Vertical Suspension On The Vibration Behavior In The Railway Vehicles
  5. Grigorov, O. V., Konoplev, V., Individual Fatigue Limits Definition Using Modernized Weibull Equation Parameters
  6. Ladányi, G., Nagy, E., Virag, Z., Study on Dynamics of Caterpillar Track Bodies
  7. Lupulescu, M., Jula, D., Reverse Osmosis Plant Used for the Treatment of Wastewater From tThe Uranium Preparation
  8. Magyari, A., Sas, A., The Retooling Of The Hydraulic And Pneumatic Equipments Belonging To The Hydro Power Plants From Romania
  9. Mihăilescu, S., Praporgescu, G., About Mures - Tisa - Danube Waterway
  10. Nan, M.S., Stănilă, S., Jula, D., Researches Regarding Environmental Impact Of Open Pit Mines
  11. Petrilean, D. C., The Development And Assessment Of The Thermo-Energetic Balance For Significant Consumers Around A Burning Kiln
  12. Popescu, E., Increasing The Competitiveness At Turceni Power Plant By Streamlining Investments. Case Study.
  13. Popescu, E., Possibilities Of Modernization Of An Industrial Objective By Special Sources Financing
  14. Praporgescu, G., Mihăilescu, S., Study the Environmental Impact of Lubricants Used in Mechanical Systems
  15. Sas, A., Magyari, A., Systems Of Mechanical Repairs Of The Installations From Hydro Power Plants
  16. Stanciu, A., Curtu, I., Stanciu, M, Vlase, S., Optimization The Composite Materials Of Tanks Using Finite Element Method And Strain Gauges
  17. Stanciu, M.D., Curtu, I., Determination of Absorption Coefficient of Fibre Glass/Epoxi Resin Composite Materials Through Ultrasonic Techniques
  18. Terciu, O. M., Curtu, I., Researches Regarding the Strength and Stiffness of Lignocelloses Composite Reinforced With Natural Fibres for Automotive Interiors Parts
  19. Vătavu, S., Vătavu, N., Ideas Concerning The Safety Of Hydraulically- Mechanized Supported Coal-Faces
  20. Vida - Simiti, I., Sintered Sheets With High Porosity. Structure, Properties, Processing