Annals of the University of Petrosani
- Mechanical Engineering -

2010 - Volume 12
  1. Belingher, C., Belingher, G., Voicu, G.V., Grigorie, P., The Influence of the Quality Management System on the Supply Activity with Spare Parts for the Mining Equipment from the Lignite
  2. Belingher, G., Belingher, C., Grigorie, P., Voicu, G.V., Researches Regarding the Assurance of the Supply with Spare Parts for the Mining Equipment from the Lignite Quarries
  3. Bolog, C., A New Approach Regarding the Angular Momentum in Classical Dynamics and Some of Its Consequences
  4. Bolunduţ, I.L., Electrochemical Deburring of Mining Hydraulic Elements
  5. Brînzan, D.D., Florea. C., Mihăilescu, S., Aspects Related to the Use of High Capacity Face Conveyors
  6. Buda, N., Voicu, G.V., Pop, G., Rus, I., The Study of the Possibilities to Model and Simulate the Operation of Main Pipe Transport Systems
  7. Buioca, C.D., Increasing Measurements Accuracy in Mechanical Experiments by Using Mathcad Data Interpolation
  8. Crăciun, I., Stoicovici, D., Horgoş, M., About the Transitory Regime of the Mining Extraction Machine
  9. Dăscălescu, A., Ungureanu, M., CAD - CAM Programs Applied to the Cycloid Profile Wheels Processing
  10. Doşa, I., Finding the Best Cooling Scheme for Paroseni Power Plant
  11. Dumitrescu, I., Jula, D., Roşu (Gârjob), E., Poiană, L., Lupulescu, M., Issues Concerning the Increase of the Uptime for the Cylindrical Gear that Is Part of the Rotating System of EsRc 1400 Bucket Wheel Excavator
  12. Fabian, S., Influence of Abrasive Lineness Change on Water Jet Technologic Head of Vibrations Origin
  13. Florea, C., Bonculescu, A., Praporgescu, G., Integrated Environmental Monitoring System
  14. Grygorov, О.V., Zaytsev, Y.I., Svirgun, V.P., Srtyzhak, V.V., Realization of Energy-Saving Control Modes on Cranes of Great Load- Carrying Capacity
  15. Gubskiy, S.O., Grygorov, О.V., Assessment of Mode of Deformation of Bridge Crane Metal Construction with Magnetic (Coercive Metric) Control Method
  16. Iloiu, M., Csiminga, D., Iloiu, S., How to Manage Technical Risks
  17. Jula, D., Dumitrescu, I., Lupulescu, M., Poiană, L., Roşu (Gîrjob), E., Safety Couplings Used in the Mechanical Transmission of the Rotating System on 1400 EsRc Bucket Wheel Exccavators
  18. Krenicky, T., Fabian, S., Quantification and Analysis of the Influence of Selected Technological Parameters on the Angle of Water Jet Angle Digression on the Surface of the Area Machined by AWJ Technology
  19. Ladányi, G., Sümegi, I., Bucket and Cutting Tooth Developments for the Bucket Wheel Excavators of Mátra Power Station LLC
  20. Magyari, A., Petrescu, A., Improving the Management of Technological Processes in the Field of Construction Materials Production
  21. Memet, F., Sag, O.K., A Study on Organic Rankine Cycles Working with R 245 fa and R 236 fa
  22. Pârvu, A., Magyari, A., Buda, N., Hîlcu, O., Survey Regarding the Hydraulic Determination of a Main Pipe Transport System
  23. Petrescu, A., Magyari, A., The Mathematical Modeling of the Programming of the Assimilation of New Products in the Construction Materials Industry
  24. Petrilean D.C., Pârvu, A., Davidoiu, A.A., The Variation of Temperature Drop of the Compressed Air in Pneumatic Network
  25. Stark, A., Zoller, I., Applying Multidimensional Space Geometrical Representation Methods in the Graphical Expression of the Triple Integral
  26. Tănăsoiu, A., Copaci, I., Iliaş, N., Mihăilescu, S., Study on the Shock Insulators of Railway Vehicles
  27. Vătavu, N., Vătavu, S., New Methods to Check the Safety Parameters for Non- Metallic Pipes Intended for Use with Liquid Fuel
  28. Zamfir, V., Vîrgolici, H., Synthesis of Four-Bar Linkage Using Displacement Equations
  29. Zoller, I., Parameters Modelling for Cycloidal Meshing Gear Teeth